Brynne Caleda cultivates multigenerational physical, mental, and emotional health nationally and internationally through the education of yoga practices. As Executive Producer for Omolulu Yoga for Empowered Living, Brynne’s instructional DVDs  for pregnant women and children encourage informed choices for a lifetime of health and wellness. Brynne also works rigorously to establish yoga programs in educational environments. As President and CEO of Yoga Ed., Brynne develops and produces children's and teen's yoga programs, trainings and products to improve academic achievement, physical fitness, emotional intelligence and stress management in schools across the nation. As her legacy work she founded  Stretch Your Imagination, a non-profit organization, that creates sustainable yoga programs for Hawaii’s schools.

Brynne has a decade of experience working with pregnant women, new mothers and children as a certified infant massage instructor, lactation counselor, post partum doula and labor doula. Prior to developing her passionate relationship with women and children, Brynne completed 200 hour teacher training apprenticeships for both pregnancy and mom and baby yoga in 2009 and 2008. In 2007, Brynne’s Masters in Education from University of Hawaii Manoa is where her focus on yoga in educational environments began. She first submerged herself in yoga over a decade ago, as a release from her fast paced career in Washington DC in the International Development Field.

Manifestation of her life’s work came to fruition with the birth of her son Reef in 2012 with husband Alex. When not home in Hawaiian paradise, Brynne is traveling nationally and internationally, fostering her deep appreciation for culture.